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New Zealand Covid vaccination campaign turns into drama, doctors sound alarm in open lette

The organization’s database includes about 500 deaths. In their open letter, NZDSOS doctors give the (fictitious) names of about a third of all victims. The actual names are known to the police. These are mainly young people, even children, who died suddenly and unexpectedly, often after blood clots in the brain or heart. NZDSOS calls it a “humanitarian crisis.

” “For God’s sake, let’s make sure our MPs and police put an end to this now!” 
 Eddie (13) from Wellington died in his sleep a few days after vaccination, Joanna (15) collapsed in her bathroom and died on the way to the hospital, Timothy (33) died of a heart attack two days after vaccination, Annabelle (38) died in September 2021 two hours after her second vaccination. 

 The hospital confirmed that she had died from the vaccination but forced her family to sign a vow of silence. Maggie (47) fell ill after receiving the booster vaccination, which the coroner said she should not have received at all because she was immunocompromised. Mark (52) died suddenly in his sleep after his second injection. source SOURCE